A rgentine Tango Lab started in Vancouver with the idea to become a dance ‘laboratorio’ for all dance lovers who would like to learn the Dance of Embraces, Argentine Tango, in the way is taught in Buenos Aires.
The company was founded in 2011 and since then has been involved in various festivals, shows and events not just in Vancouver, but also in US, Europe and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gabriel and Sigita are offering group classes, private classes and workshops that are held through out the year.
Learn with us:
Argentine Tango is our passion. It’s who we are. Our approach is to share the experience we have and to help each student by personalizing our teaching and adjusting it to each person’s individual needs. We always start with correct and strong fundamentals that will build students confidence and elegance on the dance floor in any milongas. We focus on quality, connection and self expression in dance. It is important for us to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our students and, the more they advance, to challenge and encourage them to explore the possibilities in dance. The progress of our students matters to us which is why we carefully prepare our classes to ensure they will clearly understand the material of tango elements, musicality and improvisation. We are also running our weekly guided practica to help students to improve their dancing.
We strongly believe that each of us has a dancer inside us. We would love to share our passion with you and guide you on your journey of getting to know Argentine Tango.
Gabriel and Sigita

Featured event:
FREE Absolute Beginners Workshop
Registration closed!

Saturday, January 5th at 6pm (1.5 hours)
Location: iDance Studios at 119 W. Broadway, Vancouver BC

Here is the opportunity for your 2019 New Year’s Resolution!
Learn and dance with us the beautiful and passionate dance of Embraces – Argentine Tango.

Come and join us for a warm and cozy Event that we will dedicate to Absolute Beginners. This is an ideal workshop for those with no or little experience in tango, or dance in general. You will learn about the argentine tango walk, embrace and connection with your partner. We will cover the basics of lead, follow, balance and navigation on the dance floor.

*Cost: FREE!
REGISTRATION IN ADVANCE IS MANDATORY. The workshop is limited to 10 leaders and 10 followers so that we can accommodate everyone.

*Do I need a partner to register:
If you have a partner, that is great; please then include both names into the email. If you do not have a partner, you are welcome to register and we will do our best to match the number of leaders and followers!

Wear shoes with leather or suede soles (or skip the shoes and wear fuzzy socks) so you can pivot. Make sure the shoes stay on your feet easily (no mules or slingbacks) so that you can walk backwards.